Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snags: Hercules 3 Speed Bicycle

As you might have noticed, I finished up the Raleigh Dawn recently. The Hercules Model G project is on hold at the moment due to some structural damage to one of the front fork dropouts. After pulling back the paint and doing some structural checks, I've found that I don't think the front fork is entirely safe, at least until the cracked drop is fixed.

The crack extends a small way into the attached fork blade tube, though not far.

I contacted a local frame builder and provided him with some pictures. He expressed interest in helping with the project, and indicated he would try to find a solution that would work for this fork.

He believed the drop would need replacing, but that it might be possible to find something very similar to the original such that only one would need replacing. He figured he might be able to work a new drop into a shape very close to the other so they basically match.

Failing that, I suppose both drops could be replaced so they match.  I am still waiting to hear back from the fellow with the final verdict, so there will be updates to come yet.

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