Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cooler Weather - October 2018

Thus far we haven't actually had any really nice, "fall" weather. We seem to have gone from mid-80s and very humid, to 50s and cool. That being said, at least the cooler weather has brought drier conditions with it. We've had a copious amount of rain over the summer - many more inches than usual. I've had more "rain outs" this summer in terms of rides than in the past two summer combined.

So over the weekend, I got a chance to take out my Raleigh Twenty and my Raleigh Sports bikes. I love these 1970s-era Raleighs.

They're simple, reliable, and classy. These later Raleighs are often maligned compared to the earlier, 1950s-era bikes. And while these bikes may not be quite as well-finished or refined, they certainly are still very well-made and ridge wonderfully.

This 1974 Raleigh Sports is especially good. I've been riding this bike around for over 15 years, and it's one of my absolute favorites. In fact, I think this is a sentimental favorite of mine, given how many years and thousands of miles I've put on this bike.