Polishing Chrome Bicycle Rims

For decent chrome, I use a felt Dremel drum and Simichrome polish. I'd be inclined to work solely by hand on older plating, like nickel, or plating that is somewhat compromised or thin. There are a few imperfections in this rim and a few pits, but nothing too bad.

I start with the Dremel Drum and work all over the rim. Then, I use a clean paper towel or a soft cloth to finish the job and work any remaining small spots that need to be done. At the end I wipe it down and get any residue off. I like Simichrome the best for this sort of work, and I recommend it despite the price. The rim tape is Fond de Jante (another favorite of mine- very durable), the tubes are generic ISO 590, and the tires are ISO 590 (26 x 1 3/8) Duro white walls with the street tread.

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  1. For really rusty stuff (first step) you can use a copper dremel brush (never steel). Copper will not eat into the chrome/steel surface of the rim. Some people start with a a copper wool (chore boy) pad (never use S.O.S. because it's steel)


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