Monday, April 22, 2013

Raleigh Dawn Tourist Bicycle

The Raleigh Dawn Tourist is basically done, at least in its current form. I have decided to go with a canvas and leather bag rather than re-paint the Prestube rack for the bike. The rack came from another bicycle, and the catalog literature seems to depict the bicycle as having come with a bag rather than a rack.

The small metal slider for the chain case dish is dry and slides right into two slots on the dish. It fits snugly. It has a couple of dents, but it's not bad at all. The paint cam out fine on it and everything seems to match acceptably. The ride is nice, though I need to pinpoint a couple small rattles in the fenders before I will be satisfied with it. That said, it basically is in its road-going form now and all changes from now on will be minor, at most.

I have decided for now not to put on reproduction decals. The originals are basically gone, but the bicycle is still quite nice looking. It actually has a vintage-type plainness to it without the decals, which is nice. That gives it a look of being older than a 1965 model.

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