Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hercules Model G: Fork

Not much to report on the Model G. The hold up is presently that there's a set of cracks in one of the drops of the front fork. I heard back from the frame builder who said he would repair it for me. I have to send the fork by mail over to Maryland, which is not a long trip. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and the fork will make a return in an improved state.

Here is the fork removed from the bike. The tube seems to be straight, which is a big plus. I have also removed the headset and the chrome fork crown, which is merely decorative. Underneath you can see on the fork crown the original black paint in better shape. It's a pretty simple, primitive piece. It certainly is more utilitarian than flashy, but then that's the spirit of this bike.

Here is a somewhat dim picture of the chrome fork crown and headset hardware removed. The headset items appear to have been black painted originally, like the handlebars. Oddly, the headset adjuster nut is not actually a hex nut, but a knurled disc in the style of the American balloon tire bikes of that era. There are always little surprises like that.

I guess it's off to Maryland and the frame builder for the fork for repair.

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