Saturday, April 20, 2013

Raleigh Dawn Tourist Chain Case

The chain case is now on the Raleigh Dawn Tourist. Fitting the case is a massive pain, and I had originally hoped it would only take 90 minutes. I started about 7 PM or so one evening this past week, and figured to be done by about 8:30 or 9. Instead I did not finish until about midnight, which is a very late hour. The follow day, I went back and adjusted everything because the chain was clattering constantly on the inside wall of the case. After another couple hours of adjusting and several test rides, things improved markedly.

 As you can see, the little slider for the chain case dish is still not on the bicycle. I put a final coat of paint on that little part today, and it is still drying. This week I will put on the little slider and the project will be essentially done.
I say "essentially" because there is always the chance I go back and adjust a few things. The bikes are never really "done", there is just less work to do on them. There are always adjustments to make to improve them as you put more miles on them.

The bag is a Banjo Brothers Minnehaha bag, made of a black canvas material and brown leather trim. It's a great little bag for a vintage bicycle.

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