Monday, April 15, 2013

Polishing Bicycle Paint: Hercules Model G


Not much to report today: just polishing the Hercules frame. I'm using NuFinish Scratch Doctor polish, which I actually like better than Turtle Wax tub car polish. The Scratch Doctor is a little freer flowing, which I like for working over the surface of the bicycle. The oversized, incorrect handlebar grips actually function as a nice, sticky cushion for the handlebars while the frame is upside down.

The Hercules is black, so not much in the way of color matching/change is happening. The polish just shines up the paint. I also hit the chrome fork cap with Simichrome, which is another favorite of mine.

The method for both is basic: wipe on a generous amount of polish, burnish with a soft cloth, check your work, and then repeat it all. I finish by using a clean cloth and wiping it down until it shines well enough. There was some house paint on the chrome fork cap. I removed that with acetone before I polished the cap with Simichrome.

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