Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Cleaning Continued

Another nice day - another chance to dust off bikes that have been sitting around over the winter. I finished cleaning up a 1946 Hercules today and dusted off a 1947 Schwinn New World.

 This particular New World has lightened alloy hubs and Schwinn Stainless S6 rims from an early 1950s Schwinn Continental 3-speed.

It's a massive upgrade- much lighter and more responsive than plain steel Schwinn wheels. Even the light set is French aluminum - an Ideal brand headlamp and Soubitez generator set.

Both of these bikes have their own characters, and the Schwinn is considerably faster and more agile.

The Hercules has the "more traditional" character to it - which is about right for a rod brake English roadster.

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