Saturday, April 1, 2017

1941 Schwinn New World

We had a pretty much par early spring day today - 63 or so degrees and sunny with a breeze. That's not bad. We had torrential rains yesterday, so today's weather allowed some time to dry the roads and get rid of the puddles.

I took out the 1941 Schwinn New World roadster for a ride this afternoon. The bike is running smoothly, though I probably need to true the wheels up a bit.

I built the wheels last fall, and usually after you build the wheels, riding will knock them a bit out of true. This is normal - just the spokes and tension finding equilibrium under the strains of riding.

A quick truing with a spoke wrench will usually remedy it. The wheels generally don't even need to be taken off of the bicycle - just true based on the fork and brake pads.

The adjustments are small enough to do that. Though if you build wheels and they go way out of true quickly, you need to pull them, put them on the stand, and address the issue. These are in good shape and just need a touch-up with the wrench.

 So far, I'm really happy with this bicycle about 6 month in. It's running smoothly, fun to ride, and quite a quick and agile bike.

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