Saturday, April 8, 2017

English Three-Speed Bikes

I spent today cleaning up a couple of English bikes - a 1946 Hercules Model C and a 1958 Raleigh Sports. On the Hercules, I was fiddling with the seat and seat post, trying to tweak the riding position to get it a little more comfortable.

The Sports received only a clean-up and a little air in the tires. This bike really doesn't need a whole lot, though I'm considering going to a 22 tooth rear cog from the current 24. The bike climbs quite well, but it does top-out a bit soon.

The Carradice Zipped Roll is an outstanding choice for a day trip or for hauling a few things around. It won't get you through a week-long trip, but it's great for a day or an afternoon riding.

Both bikes are attractive and fun to ride. The weather has been steadily moving toward a mid-spring feel, and tomorrow should be another nice day to ride.

 One of the things I love about the Hercules is the deeper chain guard. It has a very "old style" feel to it. The Hercules definitely turns more heads.
Whereas the 1958 Sports has a very modern feel to it for its age, the 1946 Hercules has an "older" feel to it, owing to its frame angles, rod/coaster brake, and somewhat clunkier frame.

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