Sunday, January 12, 2014

1958 Raleigh Sports Bicycle Project

Late late year, I acquired a virtually complete and original 1958 Raleigh Sports bicycle. It even had the original, notorious Sturmey Archer SW hub.  I lately have been taking the bicycle apart and cleaning things up.

This evening, I pulled off the back fender and washed it out using a plastic brush and some clean water. I put it in a bathtub and scrubbed it gently. As you can see the tub actually has more rust than the fender. I guess the tub will near cleaning too in the near future...

I also have been cleaning up the wheels, which are in decent shape. This is basically the start to a new project, one that hopefully will end with a very complete, and largely original Raleigh bicycle. 
I have already don the front fender. It is cleaned and polished. I will need to do some minor touch-up work on it, but it is almost ready to go.

The perishable rubber parts will be replaced for riding, but the durable parts should be original. I also have a nice, Carradice roll bag for the seat when this bike is done.

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