Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Bike Shed. I am still working on the 1958 Raleigh Sports, but progress has been slow. The weather has been cold and I've been busy with other things. However, I still intend to finish up the 1958 Sports and make a really nice, period-correct rider out of it.

It's hard to believe the weather can change as much as it does. Here's a shot of the 1974 Raleigh Sports from July 2013.

It was pretty hot and right before a thunderstorm. Tonight it is well below freezing. In the summer, I think about how hot and humid it gets and wonder when the cooler weather will return. In the winter, I wonder how long until warmer weather will return. I suppose I can always just try to go skiing for now... 

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