Sunday, May 14, 2017

1974 Raleigh Worksop/Carlton Grand Prix 10-Speed

This 1974 Raleigh Carlton factory Grand Prix is my latest project. I have owned a few 10-speeds over the years, and did not like any of them.

But when I saw this green Raleigh, I really liked it. It was previously being used as a beater bike by someone who rotated the bars all the way back and had bent the rear axle. I replaced the rear axle, replaced both derailleurs, and put a Brook 72 saddle on it. The saddle was sitting in my closet, so I figured I might as well use it.

This cool frame was made in January 1974 at the Worksop factory, which was formerly Carlton and had been bought-out by Raleigh.

What I really liked about this frame was the luminous green color, the wrap-around seat stays, and the cut-away lugs.

I fitted the bike with Velo Orange stainless steel fenders and Sun Tour 1970s-era derailleurs as well.

I topped the project off with a Banjo Brothers Barrel bag. It's a fun bike, but I'm definitely still an internal gear hub person. The derailleurs are working nicely and it has a very wide range of gears. It's also very light compared to a 3-speed and quite quick. It is something different to ride, but I still prefer the Raleigh Sports-style bikes.


  1. Nice Job, those Raleigh colors really polish out nice even after 40 years, especially the green. I am the opposite of your taste preference, I am a bike boom 10 speed fan who is interested in 3 speeds but due to local terrain (Hills!) and fitness the 3 speed thing doesn't work well but I still appreciate a nicely preserved English 3 speed and wish I lived somewhere flat enough to use one

    1. Thanks - I like having at least one of each type of bike around. It gives you options, depending on your terrain. I've lived in a few places where 3-speeds were a stretch, and a 10-speed did much better. We're lucky to have pretty flat terrain near where I live now.


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