Sunday, October 9, 2016

Raleigh Sprite 5 Speed

The weather here is turning cooler, though it is still warm enough. Hurricane Matthew approached, but never hit here directly. I have mostly been riding a 1974 Raleigh Sports or a late 1960s Raleigh Sprite this fall.

I recently got a new, Brooks B66 saddle for the Sprite. I opted for the "antique brown" finish, which goes well enough with the green paint. I also replaced all the cables on the bike.

The bronze green color strikes me as a good fall color, a cross between green, brown, and bronze-gold. Now is the time to ride. Opportunities become scarcer in the winter.

As a closing note, I urge you look for your local bicycle co-op or local bike shop and to provide them with some business, or donations. Our local co-op: Velo City Co Op is a charitable venture where I sometimes donate spare bikes or parts I am not using. They provide training and bikes to people looking to learn or people in need. If you have a local shop or co-op near you that does these things, I urge you to help them out how ever you can.

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