Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Rides: 1946 Hercules Model C

A few shots of the Hercules Model C down by the local park. I dropped some mail off at the local Postal Service box, and then ventured down to the park. It was a cool, but nice day. I do prefer riding in cool weather to very hot weather.

 I've always loved the "H" Hercules chainrings. They're attractive and certainly something different.
 The Duro tires are showing a few small cracks in the sidewalls, which is not very good, given that the tires are just under 1 year old. The next set I get for this bike will be a different brand.
The quadrant shifter is always a favorite among bike collectors, but it certainly is not as fast or convenient as the later handlebar shifters. However, this is the right shifter for this bike and you do get used to it.