Saturday, June 6, 2015

Westfield Sports Roadster Continues (1940?)

I did some work on the Sports Roadster this weekend- lots of little assembly of fenders, braces, reflector. I am basically assembling the bike into a handful of components for easier assembly when the time comes.

I also found that the serial appears to start with the letter "E" rather than "L" on further inspection. One of the tires also had a 1940 date code in it. I am leaning toward this being a 1940 bike rather than a 1947 at this point. Either way, it's a very nice, interesting example of an early modern "lightweight" roadster of American production.

Here is the New Departure Model D hub in its "guts form". You can see the stationary and mobile discs that rub together when you pedal backwards to slow the wheel.

The bottom bracket set is curious. Rather than featuring a "drive pin" like most one piece cranks, the crank axle itself is tapered and the sprocket "keys in" over the tapered section. The teeth on the sprocket are of a "blunt" profile, but the sprocket is still standard width.

No summery day is complete without a bike ride. This 1949-50 Columbia Three Star Deluxe is perfect for a warm day of light travel and riding. This one also has a New Departure Model D- a simple, but effective brake.