Sunday, June 21, 2015

1940 Westfield Sports Roadster Bicycle

 The Westfield Sports Roadster is assembled and adjusted. It is a simple, rather primitive bike, but also of rather good quality manufacture. This one appears to be from 1940- "E" serial number with original tires having a 1940 date code.
 The Sports Roadster features a simple, diamond frame and a single speed coaster brake. There really is not much more to it- it's pretty simple.
 The bike has double bladed fenders, that is the front fender has a blade on the leading edge, and the rear fender has a blade on the trailing edge. Bars are Torrington company manufactured.
 The bike has a conventional kickstand and single piece bottom bracket set. As I mentioned earlier, the bottom bracket set is somewhat unique in the sense that there is no "drive pin", rather the chain ring slides over a taper in the crank.
 The bike has the English-style white rear fender with a dart shape transition to black. The rear fender terminates in a blade.
 Another shot of the bottom bracket. These are Torrington #10 pedals with new manufacture rubber blocks in original pedal frames/axles.
 The Sports Roadster decal is classy and in excellent condition.
 The handgrips are newly made in the USA. They are the "short" coke bottle design meant for ladies or lightweight handlebars.
 Some of the original box stripes are still present. These were painted on by hand and are faded gold in color. Front hub is Westfield manufactured.
 Another shot of the bottom bracket.
The rims are original stock lightweight rims. The originals to this particular bike had severe plating loss, but I was able to locate another set of originals in great condition. The size is ISO 599, but 597 (Schwinn S5/S6 tires) will work.
 The frame has slender seat stays, fat chains stays, and rear-facing drop outs with adjustment screws. The rear hub is a New Departure Model D with the pre-war style small brake arm.
 The saddle is a replacement in the Brooks B66 style, but with more primitive decoration. The bag is a Banjo Brothers Minnehaha bag.
 The reflector is a small "raspberry" type that I added. The original was long broken off.
A view of the rear "blade" fender, which adds a lot of character.