Sunday, May 31, 2015

Westfield Sports Roadster Progress

The 1940s Westfield project continues. Today's work involved cleaning and reassembling the bottom bracket parts, also cleaning, polishing and patching the paint on the fenders; and doing the same on the chain guard. I also cleaned up the handlebars.

 These are vintage Torrington Company handlebars. They have the earlier type script logo under the hand grip.

The chain ring is an unorthodox type that does not take the normal drive pin often seen on one peice cranks. This model slides onto a tapered part of the cranks and locks. 

The fenders mimic the English style, but have a "gothic" shape that comes to a point at the top. They combine the "white tail" of English roadsters with the shape of Westfield bicycles. I cleaned these up oxalic acid, polished them, then matched and patched up the paint. The insides of the fenders got a liberal coating of flat black oil-based paint. This protects the fender wells from the elements and prevents the development of rust from any dirt and moisture from the road.
 I did not use oxalic acid on the chain guard and instead opted to carefully clean it manually. I then polished and patched the paint where necessary. The goal is to give a "relic" or original type look, but reducing rust.

I built a set of pedals for the bike. The bike came with Persons pedals that were not rebuildable. I built up a set of original Torrington 8's, but with new production rubber blocks in the Torrington #10 style. New rubber and vintage steel is a good combination.