Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Westfield Sports Roadster

My latest project is a 1947 Westfield Sports Roadster bicycle. This yet another example of an American company trying to build a version of the English-style light roadster for American riders. We see similar offerings from Schwinn, Cleveland Welding/Roadmaster, and a host of other American companies who tried to capitalize on getting American adults to bicycle. Westfield/Columbia offered both Sports Tourist and Sports Roadster models.

The Sports Roadster, which is this bicycle, offered a diamond frame, English-style fender paint scheme, gothic/Columbia-style fenders, and laid back frame geometry somewhere between an English roadster and a balloon tire cruiser.

The dropouts are styled after the American cruisers of the era, but the seat stays bolt to the seat mast similar to a Raleigh DL-1 or an English roadster. Wheels are 26 x 1.375 (ISO 599), which is an American version of the English light roadster style wheel. 

This should be a nice project for summer, and a fun bike once cleaned up and back on the road.

 The rear wheel features a coaster brake.This particular bicycle also has a period correct addition of a Philco center pivot caliper in front. These brakes were popular aftermarket brakes during that era, and gave you added stopping power.