Saturday, March 23, 2013

Touch Up, New Project

A couple people have asked for shots of the touch up areas on the Raleigh Dawn. I tried my best to get a couple close ups, and do a little photoshop outline to show where the paint is. The primary difference is that the touch up paint has a little more shine to it than the original. Of course, it's much newer. I suppose I could buff it down a bit dull to match better, but then as it fades it will eventually come to match the rest of the paint anyway. The color is a nice match because it was digitally done at a good paint store near me.
At left is the unaltered shot of the touch up. The touch up paint is on the crest/fold of the front fender right behind the ornament.
 At right, I have outlined the area. You can JUST see the difference in the shine and texture. It's never perfect, but it's not bad either. The shot is a little dark, but you can still make out the area.

At left is the seat stay. You can see a dent where the original owner had attached a rack but over-tightened the clamp. I had to touch up that area, and again you can see a little difference in shine and texture. The color matches well though.

At right, I have outlined the area just to see. You can see how the touch up has a little different texture and shine compared to the original, surrounding paint.

New Project: Hercules Model G Roadster (1935)

I had promised not to take on any more projects until I finished the chain case on the Dawn, and perhaps recover the New World saddle. Both are waiting for better weather because they require chemical drying in the shed (in one case paint, in another adhesive).

However, a 1935 Hercules Model G has been for sale on a website I visit. I had originally passed it off as too large, and just another big project. However, I came back to it and looked at it again. The dimensions just barely fit me, as it's a 24 inch frame on 26 wheels. It's at the big end of my fit, but still comfortable enough. I sent the fellow selling it a message and he still had it, so I caved and bought it.

The model is known as the "all black" because it featured reduced chrome and substituted that plating for black paint. Even the rims were just painted black (they developed wear lines where the brake pads rub). The handlebars and brake bits were all black. The cranks and chainring are plated still though. Moreover, the bike is complete minus the chain case and saddle. It even has the original Sturmey Archer Model K hub, quadrant shifter, and quadrant cable/pulley.

I was able to locate an original, Hercules chain case I believe will fit and match the bike. That is on the way in the mail. Sadly, the bike itself has been spray painted, and then house paint applied over the spray job. It's going to take careful scrubbing and stripping to get back to the original paint, which I will then have to clean up.  The tires are 26 x 1 1/2 and seem to be the 650b size. I have a Brooks saddle I can eventually use on it, and I'll have to find some pedals and proper grips.

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