Friday, March 15, 2013

Almost Spring

Today made it up to 65 degrees with lots of sun.

 A woodpecker was at the bird feeder.

The small flowers are starting to appear on the fruit trees.

That certainly called for a ride. I took the new work out for a little over an hour this evening, and it performed in its usual lively manner.

I never thought a single speed freewheel could give such nice performance, but the terrain around here really seems to go perfectly with this particular bike's gearing. The saddle cover is getting kind of worn, but I'll have to do a leather re-cover at some point in the future.  I took a few shots of it leaning against the bike shed wall.

One of the chief purposes of a bicycle is freedom. With it comes the freedom to travel at a particular, often slower pace, and to take in the surroundings. The spring goes well with them because they allow the rider to see the transitions of the season.  They allow the rider to become free to experience the world.

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