Friday, May 4, 2018

1941 Schwinn New World - Warm Weather

Another warm day - 90+ and starting to get a bit more humid. We seem to have skipped from March weather to June weather in the course of 2 weeks. Maybe no spring this year... We shall see though.

I swapped a set of "AS&CO" Schwinn cranks onto the 1941 New World. I previously had a Schwinn cloverleaf set from the later 1940s, but this earlier set is perfect for a 1941 bike. This sprocket and crank set is exactly what I needed to bring this bike even further back to its original 1941 form.

I even found a correct, original Schwinn spindle and cup set from the early 1940s to complete this set up. The cranks are nice and straight, and everything is running smoothly. It's a great bike, even after 77 years.

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