Sunday, November 5, 2017

Raleigh "Export" Model Bicycles

Sometimes you'll hear talk about an "export" model Raleigh roadster or similar. You may ask, "aren't all Raleighs sent to the US and Canada "export" models? They didn't stay in the UK..."

Briefly, an "export" model Raleigh is a Raleigh made for a foreign market other than the US or Canada (or the UK for that matter). The reason this is important is that these "other" bikes often have different features.

Here's an export model Raleigh rod brake bike from 1963, after clean up and some fresh tires; new shifter cable; new kickstand; and new brake pads. The bike has the "narrow" or "round" profile handlebars, Austrian-made tires, and a European-made chain guard replacing the chain case.

The bike also has some deluxe features - locking fork, light system with dynohub, and a rear rack. The bike also came with a German or Dutch made drop stand, which was in bad shape.

 I did not take too many pictures of the restoration process - I've been over this many times on this blog, and the process is usually the same. I will say - when you work on the dynohub, be sure not to separate the magnet from its keeper. They stay together.

The bike also has a few manufacturing question marks. If you look at this picture, you'll see the cranks don't exactly line up. It turns out that the spindle does not have its flats milled 180 degrees opposite. I'm working on sourcing a replacement park to get the cranks lined up. At first, I thought it might be a cotter pin or crank issue, but it's the spindle and that spindle (#8GC) is hard to find.

Below is an Austrian-made roadster tire. It's labeled entirely in German.

Below is another oddity - an American-made roadster tube. The old-type dropstand and these tires indicate it may have been a continental European market bike - perhaps West Germany. 

But the bike does ride, and ride nicely. It's a plush riding machine, as one would expect. I look forward to getting the bottom bracket nailed down and really putting this machine to some ride time.

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