Saturday, November 18, 2017

1963 Raleigh DL-1 Export Model - on the Road

We had a breezy, warm day here today. It was mostly dry, but there were a few showers in the area during the mid-afternoon. It was still good enough out to take this Raleigh DL-1 Export Model for a ride around the area.

I've talked before about the various types of "roadster" bicycles - "light roadsters"; "hybrid roadsters"; and "full roadsters". This DL-1 is certainly a "full roadster" with slack frame angles, 28 inch wheels, and rod brakes. With a full roadster, you really notice the slack handling and cushy ride. This DL-1 is no exception - it's definitely different than a Raleigh Sports.

I really like this very dark green color on the bike. It looks black in low light, but outdoors, it's definitely a very dark green. The chain guard is aftermarket - switched years ago, and is a slightly lighter green. I love these deep-well chainguards. They give enough protection from the moving drive train, but do not have the inconveniences associated with a full chain case.

I even re-used the original wiring in this electrical system. It's no match for a modern, LED light, but it works OK for when you want cars to see you more easily (though it does not really help the bike's rider see much). The Indian-made replacement spindle from Yellow Jersey bicycles in Wisconsin is running nicely - it's a smooth-running drive train and a pleasant gear ratio (44 teeth in the front; 21 in the back).

Definitely autumn now:

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