Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finishing Out the Weekend - Raleigh Sprite 5-speed

Another really warm, dry day today. We've had a good run of days since early last week. It really does seem like early September here still.

I took out this Raleigh Sprite 5-speed today. I love the bronze green paint on this bike - it has a lot more "bronze" to it than some of the later bikes.

 One thing I have been urging people to do is to forget their Fitbit, Garmin tracker, cadence sensor, etc. when they ride, and to just ride "unstructured". I've been suggesting more and more that people simply ride, without worrying about speed, cadence, timing, distance, or similar.

That is to say, "just ride". If you need to drop off the mail or pick something up, do it. But do not forget that riding is also an end in itself. You do it just for the experience, and not to complete a certain number of miles, or manage a certain cadence, or burn a certain number of calories.

So sure, bring your cellphone in case you have an emergency or need help. But don't ride around looking at a sensor, and don't "record your ride for data". Ride these old bikes in the old way.

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  1. tripped around the city today in my old 3 speed, enjoying the golden and red leafed maples and oaks; no wind to speak of yet, so the leaves are still attached, waiting to be admired... stopped for a jelly donut about half way and observed the wooly bear caterpillars making their way westward: they all seem to go in that direction, i don't know why... nice ride on my Frankenbike: a 27 speed Trek altered to a 3 speed roadster...


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