Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Schwinn New World - Evening Ride

 I took this 1941 Schwinn New World for a ride lasting a little under 2 hours tonight. That meant riding in the dark, but that's not such a big deal with some of today's LED bicycle lights.

This Cree LED light has a polished metal housing that looks nice on the New World - certainly better than a larger, plastic light on the handlebars. The USB LED tail light is an Ascher brand that slips right onto the saddle bag. Everything recharges - so no batteries to throw away, like the AA powered lights.

A couple ephemeral items I recently received are here too. I got a Sturmey Archer window sticker for the back window of my car, which is sort of a neat touch.

I also bought a set of Schwinn pedals from Mann Cycle, and they were good enough to even send me a little button for the saddle bag.

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