Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rounding out the Weekend - Raleigh Sprite

Hot and humid here today. I went over the Raleigh Twenty headset again. The plastic sleeve is not as cracked as I first thought - just a couple small hairlines in the collar. The part is still workable. It's greased and back together. Here is the bike in the sun - pretty much done. It's in great shape and very original condition.

Then I took out this Raleigh Sprite. I love this shade of bronze green - lots of shine to it compared to some of the other bikes out there. Not a bad weekend at all.

Even though it's almost October, our temperature was right around 90 degrees today, with lots of humidity. It feels more like August 24 than September 24... Having said that, I've probably put the jinx on, and it will then snow in October...

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