Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sturmey Archer Four and Five Speed Hubs

Three new arrivals this weekend: a 1961 Sturmey Archer FW four-speed hub; a 1967 S5 five-speed hub; and an Indonesian 'early-type' rear reflector.

 The 1961 Four-Speed FW hub came from England. The exchange rate is currently good, and these parts go in England for much less than they sell for in the US. This particular hub is missing a few of the small mounting parts, but these are all parts that I have in stock in my spares box. It's in decent shape, though the oiler cap is flopping around loosely. Thankfully, the shifter rod is straight - these tend to get bent. As a bonus, the hub came with an original Sturmey 22 tooth cog.

 The 1967 Five-Speed S5 hub looks to have been used very little, if at all. The hub shell is shiny; the mounting hardware is clean; and the cog shows very little wear. Even the early-type sheet metal bell crank is relatively intact. It just needs a little straightening, but otherwise works nicely. This is one of the cleanest S5 hubs I've ever seen. Date code is 10-67, so it's a first year hub.

Finally, I got an Indonesian-made black body reflector. The black body early Raleigh reflectors are known for drying out and cracking. I've repaired cracks in my original on my 1958 Sports several times. But I thought I'd see what is being made today in different parts of the world. This reflector has a soft, pliable body and it looks very close to the original. It's slightly smaller than the original, with serrations around the outside circumference of part of the housing. However, it's pretty well-made and presentable. I've had good luck with these Indonesian-made rubber parts in the past, and this reflector really is not a bad option.

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