Thursday, August 17, 2017

LED Tail Light; Pictures from This Week

A few pictures from this week - very humid and warm. I have been riding my tall frame Raleighs this week and really enjoy them.

 This Raleigh Sprite 5-speed is a solid bike in a really nice color.
 This 1958 Sports 4-speed is also great, and has a lot of the "golden age" touches from the 1950s.
 The Carradice Zipped Roll bag is a great choice for this bike, especially the black and wide model.
 I recently purchased an Ascher LED light set. These kits come with a white and a red slip-on (or rubber clamp-on) light. The white headlight is pretty weak, but the red tail light is great. I may buy a red piece of plastic to put over the white and make a second tail light out of that.

The Ascher lights recharge with a USB Amazon-type charger. They have several brightness and flashing modes. The thing I like most is that it's sort of retro. It has a black rubber body and a little chrome trim ring. They slip right onto your saddle bag and when you don't need them, you just pull them off and put them back in the bag.

This is the light on low brightness. It supposedly will get about 7-9 hours on a single charge. If it does, that's really good.

 The headlight is still the homemade Miller with an LED insert. It functions well enough, though it isn't great at focusing the beam.

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