Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hot Weather

Hottest day of the summer so far - close to 100 and humid. The way I keep cool is by changing my ride time to slightly later in the evening - running from about an hour before dusk right up to the point where it starts to really get dark.

This period is a few degrees cooler than my normal ride time right before dinner, when it's a bit sunnier. It helps to bring a little bicycle light, or have some kind of light set if you do decide to ride later.

But it's worth it to hold off until just before dusk. This Raleigh Sprite performed well this evening and it gave me a pretty good workout.

Here's the view off the back of the Raleigh, right on top of the rear rack.

And here's the view from the handlebars - the bell is an aluminum Crane brand from Japan. It's light enough, but still functional and loud enough to be heard.

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