Monday, July 17, 2017

1950s Raleigh Parts: Quality Touches

I took the 1958 Raleigh Sports out for another ride today, and it really performed nicely. The FW hub is a joy to ride.

I also really like how the decals and the paint have survived almost 60 years on this bike. It really is a pretty clean example.

The 1950s-era Raleighs are known for their high-quality builds. They often have well-finished parts, intricate stampings, and really refined details.

Below are a number of close-up shots of high-quality parts on this bike. really like these touches. The 1970s-era bikes are nice in their own way, but the

I really like this Raleigh bell, complete with center stamping of Sir Walter Raleigh.

Another nice, subtle touch: "Raleigh Industries" stampings on the brake handle clamps.

I specifically sought-out a "4 Speed" shifter to go with the FW hub. I like have the big "4" to go with that FW hub.

I even have the original saddle working on this one - it's in surprisingly good shape.

Even that often-damaged rear fender decal is in good shape.

Here's a shot of the four-speed hub stamping.

These seat tube decals are in great shape, and I really like the braze-on pulley set up.

The Carradice bag is not original, but goes nicely with the bike.

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