Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer-Like Weather: Raleigh 5-Speed Sprite

 I've been busy the past couple of weeks doing non-bicycle things: traveling and then yard work. I've also spent a little time playing golf and fixing up some golf clubs I bought used.
 But the weather was particularly warm today, and I decided to take a ride on this late-1960s Raleigh Sprite. It's a great bike and the S5 hub is very versatile.
 The bronze green paint has a way of changing tones, depending on how much light is shining on the bike. In the shade it's an olive-color, but in the sun it's more a bronze color.
 The Brooks B66 Honey saddle goes well with the green paint. I've found this saddle a little harder to break in than my other, brown Brooks. I'm not sure if this is something common to the Honey colored saddles.
 The rear rack and Banjo Brothers Barrel Bag offer a little hauling capacity, at least enough for an afternoon of riding around the area.
The whole bike presents nicely and it's fun to ride. It's heavier than the 10-speed Raleigh Grand Prix I recently re-built, but it's still a great riding bike.

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