Saturday, September 24, 2016

1974 Raleigh Sports and Col de la Vie Tires

The Col de la Vie tires are very good, premium tires for a Raleigh Sports. They have given a "sure footed" feel to this bike, and soak up the bumps well.

The side walls quote a pressure just below 45 PSI. Harris Cyclery quotes 55 psi. I found that at 45 PSI, they were very cushy but very slow. That might be good on gravel or such. 50-55 PSI they ran much better.

They are only slightly slower than Kenda K40s at the same pressure, but much cushier. They have an "all 'rounder" type tread that is not quite slick, but has small knobs. They handle dirt/sand/stones better than Kendas.

The hardest part is getting them to fit. It's a very close fit in the fenders. I did get them to go OK on my 1974 Sports.