Thursday, August 18, 2016

Brooks B66 Honey and Schwinn Traveler

One of the areas where British 3 speeds tended to exceed American ones is in the use of leather saddles. Raleigh often used Brooks saddles, whereas Schwinn and other American manufacturers often used early mattress saddles made from thick leather topped with fabrikoid, hammock springs, or horse hair.

But you can certainly use a Brooks saddle on an American three speed. In this case, I bought a new Brooks B66 for my 1954 Schwinn World Traveler. The lighter 'honey' colored Brooks goes well with the green paint and chrome. I wanted something a little brighter and more '50s-ish for this bike. The honey accomplishes that.

The Brooks B66 is probably my favorite of all saddles. It has been made for most of a century, provides ample adjustment through its slide clamp, and provides just a little cushion going over bumps. I'm glad this saddle is still being made. There really is no equal for a good Brooks for a three speed bike.