Monday, August 22, 2016

Better Weather

This was the first truly 'cool' evening in around a month. We have had a great deal of hot, humid weather lately. It was a very nice evening for a ride, and the 1954 Schwinn 3 speed did not disappoint.

The contrast with the Hercules Model C from Saturday night is pretty marked, despite both being 3 speed bikes. The Hercules rights almost completely upright. It's a bit like taking a walk. The Schwinn has a bit more zip to it, but is still a comfortable ride.

 The Miller generator set is a nice period piece, but it's pretty anemic and inefficient. It works well enough "to be seen" by motorists, but if you really want to see well in the dark, you need to upgrade to a more modern light set. But on this bike, I have the Miller set for now and it does OK when I can still see the road, but want something a little stronger than a reflector to ensure that motorists see me.

The all the original brightwork metal on this bike doesn't hurt either.