Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1954 Schwinn Traveler

My next project is this slightly damaged 1954 Schwinn Traveler. I say it is 'slightly damaged' because it appears to have been in a front end collision at some point. This resulted in a re-build of the front wheel some years ago, as well as a slight bend in the down tube. It varies a bit less than 1/8 (2-3 mm it seems) of an inch from a straight edge. I believe the bicycle was professionally repaired many years ago and put back on the road.

I took the bicycle to a local shop that specializes in vintage bikes and asked around about the bend. No one I asked thought scrapping the frame was necessary. A couple of people talked about straightening the frame, but most seemed to think that down tube deviation from straight was not enough to warrant messing with the frame. The overwhelming majority I talked to thought I should just roll with the bike so long as it rode OK.

You can just barely see the down tube bend in the pictures, as the light reflection curves near the head tube.

I'm going to refresh this bicycle and try riding it.