Friday, July 8, 2016

1947 Schwinn New World

This time of year brings sudden thunderstorms, and today we had a solid downpour. I waited for it to pass, then took a ride on the 1947 Schwinn New World. I like to make sure I'm clear of the lightening when I go. Fortunately, the skies cleared and we had drier weather after the downpour. It remained hot and very humid though.

 I've been fiddling with the spokes on both wheels. I noticed last night that several spokes were loose on the front wheel.  I tensioned them, trued both wheels, and returned to the road.

 One thing that people overlook is a good bicycle bell. The best bets today are the old, West German bells on eBay. I usually get them for under $20 with shipping included. They are well made.
 I bought this Brooks B73 from a vintage bicycle exchange member, tensioned it, and applied some Proof Hide after letting it sit in newly tensioned state a couple of days. The B73 is great on this bike.
I am awaiting two bottles of John Deere Ultraguard to try to soften these grips a little. They're in good shape for being almost 70 years old, but a little petrified. Oil of Wintergreen helped a little, but I fear it might be too strong for these.