Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sturmey Archer Parts Haul

This week was good in terms of Sturmey Archer parts to buy. I picked up a 1958 Sturmey Archer AG Three Speed-Dynohub combo. I also got a 1953 Sturmey Archer GS6 front Dynohub, as well as a 1978 Sturmey Archer SC3 coaster brake hub.


Along with the hubs, I picked up a somewhat uncommon Sturmey Archer "4" Speed shifter with silver face and brown paint. These are not truly rare, but you don't see very many come up here in the USA. It's much more common to see the "3 or 4 Speed" shifter faceplate than just the 4 speed with window.

I cleaned a little of the red house paint off of the shifter and put it straight on my 1958 Raleigh 4 speed Sports.