Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Manton & Smith Progress

The MS roadster continues to come together very slowly. I had a little time to rebuild the bottom bracket set and to mount the head badge this weekend.

The bottom bracket was composed of old Wald parts, with a 52 tooth chain ring that had been painted a couple of times. My plan to build a 3-speed coaster brake wheel set for the bike urges a smaller chain ring. I have a nice clover-type chain ring with 46 teeth in my parts bin, so I will give that one a try. My plan is to run 46 teeth in front, 22 in back, giving a nice range of gears with the three speed hub. The ratio is the same as I use on my 1974 Raleigh Sports and is pretty forgiving but still has a little top end to it, when you need a little more speed.

The head badge mounted via #2 U-Type drive screws at 1/8 inch long. I used the same method as with my 1958 Raleigh: clean out the holes, mock up the head badge to make sure it aligns, then tap in the drive screws. The screws in this case are a size larger, but still look sharp without seeming clunky.

The Weather is Just Too Nice Not to Ride

 The weather lately has been excellent: temperatures in the 70s with low humidity. It's perfect riding weather and it's light enough in the evening to ride. I took the Schwinn New World out tonight and got a couple shots:

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