Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bicycle Paint Touch Up: 1958 Raleigh Sports

I got a little more work on the 1958 Raleigh Sports done thanks to some free time and a warm afternoon. My task for today was to touch-up the black paint on the fenders.

I used my customary method. It involves finding a matching paint, then thinning it until it tends to fill the holes in the finish without leaving blobs higher than the original paint. I match the paint for color and gloss, then thin it.

That was not difficult. I bought a bottle of gloss black and a bottle of semi-gloss black. I thinned them and went to work. The results are not bad at all. I do not fool with water-based acrylics. I go straight for oil-based enamel every time for these jobs. I have yet to deal with a water-based acrylic that can match the durability and rust prevention of oil-based paint.

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