Friday, February 15, 2013

Schwinn New World Ride Update

I've gone back to the springer saddle that was originally a "place holder". The springer saddle is period and actually quite comfortable on the New World. It gives a nice softness to the ride, which otherwise is a little hard on the local roads here in Virginia. With a little tweaking, I've gotten the saddle height acceptable, and the bike is quite pleasant and smooth to ride now. Today's ride was done at about 60 degrees with lots of sun initially, but then rain showers moved in just as it was ending. It's actually supposed to drop 30 degrees rapidly and snow tonight...

The bicycle is deceptively light and weighs less than  my other bikes. It is also lighter than the old Japanese 10 speed I had a few years ago, even though that had no fenders and a touring saddle. It has a surprising amount of quickness and is very snappy turning and accelerating, especially considering it's a simple single speed free wheel. It has a really nice simplicity to it, though I will admit it would be a pretty nice rider the a Sturmey Archer AW adapted to it. Some actually came stock with AWs.

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