Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Schwinn New World Mesinger Saddle Test Ride and Brooks B66 Update

There was just enough light left today to get in a full length, 1 hour ride around the neighborhood. This time, I took the New World all the way for the full distance ride. It performed reasonably well. The biggest item of interest is that the original Mesinger Tourist Saddle is actually quite uncomfortable.

The saddle is quite hard and tends to bottom a bit going over bumps. This saddle is a real ass-breaker. It's actually considerably less comfortable than the cruiser spring saddle that I had on previously. I'm going to try to continue to use the saddle for awhile, at least to see if it improves any. If not, I may have to consider returning to the springer saddle, or else restore a Troxel I have in my parts stock. Whatever I end up using will be from the 1940s period to go with the bike. The Mesinger is original, so I'll end up keeping it either as the use saddle, or else in my parts stock.

In other news, I finally got around to putting the repaired Brooks B66 back on the 1973 Raleigh Sports. It previously had a heavy duty Brooks with braided springs on it, but since the B66 was the original saddle I used for many years on it, I figured it was time to return.

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