Saturday, January 27, 2018

Banjo Brothers Rack Top Bag and Raleigh Twenty

It was unseasonably warm here today, making it up to 62 degrees (F). With such warm temperatures, that meant a day to slip in a ride around the area.

I received for Christmas a brand new Banjo Brothers Rack Top bag. I specifically asked for this item because I thought it might go well on my Raleigh Twenty. Many of the old Raleigh folding bikes had "carry-all" bags strapped to the rear rack. These bags sat on top of the rack and acted like a bin for carrying books, groceries, or what-have-you.

Sure enough, the Rack Top bag was a success on the Raleigh. The bag uses long, velcro straps to tie down to the rack top, while there is also a small pull-strap to steady the bag to the seat post or frame of the bike. In this case, the strap is a little helpful, but the velcro straps are pretty secure by themselves.

The bag is of a tough, nylon cloth type construction, with some reflective touches on the outside edges. The zipper has two sliders on it, and it zips open and closed smoothly. The Banjo Brothers logo is prominently displayed on the top of the bag.

The bag has a good amount of storage space. I was able to fit my cell phone (a big brick of a thing); my wallet; my glasses with their case; my keys; and some mail quite easily, with room to spare.

Overall, I am happy with this bag, and it fits nicely on this bike. This Raleigh Twenty from the early 1970s has a nice, utilitarian feel, but is still a blast to ride. Just make sure you remember your pedal ground clearance is very low. I think this is a going to be a great, useful set up for hobby riding around the area, or even taking on vacation with me.


  1. Looks great! I just acquired a similar Twenty, but mine has painted fenders. The Banjo bag looks nice, I'm thinking of attaching a wooden box, though.

    Did your pump come with it? If not, where did you get it? and what length is it when not attached?

    1. I located an old stock pump on eBay after searching around for awhile. This pump is about 12 and 3/4 inches long.


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