Monday, December 4, 2017

DL-1 Night Ride Rig

Here's a look at my 'night rig' for the DL-1 Export Model. It's basically two light systems: the original Dynohub with headlamp and tail lamp, and a pair of more modern, rechargeable LED lights.

The old-type headlamp has a halogen bulb in it, while the original rear light is a stock bulb.
The modern headlamp is a Cree LED with three beam levels and an emergency flash mode.
The rear modern lamp is an Ascher LED with two beam modes and two emergency flash modes. The Ascher recharges with an LED cable while the Cree uses a an AC adapter type head.

The LEDs do the majority of the work, but I do run the original lamp set at the same time.

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  1. Ever think about either switching the original halogen light for a modern LED one, or put in an LED bulb? I know that Jon at Gentlemen Cyclist sells the LED bulbs for vintage lights.


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