Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vintage Schwinn 3 Speeds and a Jolt of Warmth

Well, from 45 on Thursday to 80 today... good turn. I got a chance to do a little spring cleaning in my garage and dusted off a couple 1940s Schwinn 3 speeds - a 1941 New World and a 1947 Continental.

These bikes show the excellent quality of Schwinn utility and lightweight road bikes in the 1940s-era. The blue paint on the Continental really sparkles and the red on the New World cleaned up relatively well.

I got a chance to go for a pretty long ride on the Continental. It's fast, light, and really lively. It really is a step up from the New World, even though the New World is itself a pretty good rider.

The Continental is a solid match for a Raleigh Clubman or other higher-end road bike of the 1940s period. I wish Schwinn had made more of these - I'd love to have a second one with a four-speed FW hub and maybe a Dynohub in front.

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