Sunday, February 5, 2017

Unseasonably Warm

Another winter weekend, and another weekend of above average temperatures has come and gone. We reached the mid-50's today, which is quite warm for this time of year. The forecast says this week will reach 65 on Tuesday and 70 on Wednesday. That's very warm for February.

Seeing as today was not a bad day outside, I took the 1941 Schwinn New World for a ride. I've been riding just this bicycle this winter because there's just not enough ride time to rotate bikes.

Although it has been unseasonably warm for much of the winter, there is not enough daylight to keep several bicycles in rotation and ride them all. This time of year, I really only ride on the weekend - not enough daylight to ride after work during the week.

This 1941 New World really has the "well-ridden" look to it, but the condition is pretty consistent throughout. "Honest wear" would be a good way of putting it. Mechanically, it is a real joy to ride though.

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