Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Officially Begins

Summer officially has begun. We have reached the longest days of the year, and there is no better time for dry, warm weather.

This 1948 Raleigh Dawn Tourist continues to run well. It is heavy, but still well-balanced and pleasant to ride.

It has a light, but this time of year, don't need it much. I have plenty of daylight to ride in the evenings, which is my favorite time of day this time of year.

 These original pedals are absolutely great. The Raleigh logo on the rubber is even well preserved.
 I ultimately opted to drop the original, long arm shifter. It was really a nice touch, but the shifting was a little dodgy and the lever was pretty loose. This 1950s shifter is slightly newer, but very reliabe and in like-new condition.

I am enjoying this and the 1946 Hercules Model C a lot these days. The rod brake three speed is really a wonderful type of bicycle.