Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

1946 Hercules Model C

I took the 1946 Model C Hercules for a couple of rides this weekend. The bottom bracket needed some find adjustments, and I swapped the 1960s rubber grips for older-type, celluloid Apex grips. The Apex grips a bit less comfortable, but really are more appropriate for this sort of bicycle.

II. 1948 Raleigh Dawn Tourist Update

The 1948 Dawn Tourist continues. I have worked out the drive train, set up the chaincase, rebuilt both hubs, and rebuilt the bottom bracket. All parts have been cleaned and polished. The wheels are trued. I'm down to buying a set of brake pads, and doing the final assembly. This bike is close to returning to the road.

I needed to replace the fenders because the originals had been painted up with what seemed to be automotive paint. Even acetone was unhelpful in removing the overspray. However, I did locate a nice set of Raleigh fenders from a 1960s-70s era bicycle. Their condition is consistent with the rest of this bike, though they have wire stays rather than brazed stays. 

Overall, this bicycle is coming together.