Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Change

The biggest let down about changing back to Standard Time from Daylight Savings is that my time to ride after work is now limited. With sunset at about 6:15 PM in Daylight Savings, there is just enough time to slip in a one hour ride before it really starts to get dark.

However, with Standard Time, it's now dark at 5:15, which robs a good deal of daylight after work. I telework two days weekly, and I can ride on those days if I get started on work very early (about 7 A.M.). However, when I go into the office and you throw in the commute time, I lose the chance to ride after work in Standard Time.

I still get two days of ride during the week and two days on the weekend, which is not too bad. Hopefully the weather holds for a little while yet this season.