Sunday, September 13, 2015

Autumn Weather and a Raleigh Sports Bicycle

The official arrival of fall is just about a week away, though the "traditional" fall season began last week. In either event, the weather will be improving somewhat here in Virginia and beginning to transition away from oppressive heat and humidity. There are certainly a few hot and humid days left, but today was certainly more of a fall day.

Better weather means good chances to ride. I ride after work, and as long as Daylight Savings Time is in effect, I have enough daylight to ride in the evenings. On the weekend, this also means more time to ride. I took a right ride before dinner tonight, on this 1974 Raleigh Sports.

This Sports was my primary transportation in college and for the first semester at law school. I eventually got a car when I rented an apartment in the suburbs and started commuting to school rather than living on or next to campus. The bike made a good campus bike when I used it in that role.

I later used it more on the local bicycle trail as a fun rider. I've put many miles on this one.